Logistic Optimization

Although La Cisa Tech has concentrated its core business on the sale of industrial, port equipment and machinery, thanks to its engineering department, it also offers consultancy services to propose alternative logistic solutions to any type of handling and storage by completing the project with 3D digital drawings. Floor plans with static and dynamic technical drawings and renderings to make it clearer to the customer what type of service they could develop and how to best optimize logistic spaces.

Before after

Our logistic study is divided into several phases:

  • Inspection and mapping of all product flows IN / OUT / WIP;
  • Identification of “bottle necks”;
  • Mapping of all operating times (production, transport, loading and unloading);
  • Layout remodeling based on logistic analysis
  • Presentation of an alternative proposal with a particular focus on:
    • Economic Saving
    • Storage capacity
    • Number and type of vehicles
    • Quantity of Resources